duminică, 4 decembrie 2011

Breaking Dawn Poem

Book 1- Bella

Happiness surrounds the air
As people give me the stare
Watching me in my white gown
In the stairs as I go down
Then I found my truest love
As I came down from above
Suddenly, he’s all I see
I can’t believe he’s for me
He took my hand and I sighe
‘Cause there’s no reason to hide
As I said the binding words
Songs were played by singing birds
“I don’t think I deserve you
But I would always stay true
You couldn’t have given me
The very best gift that’s thee”
Now we’ll never be apart
Because forever can start
An island filled with white sand
Under the moonlight we stand

Book 2- Jacob
I had given everything
In return I gained nothing
Seeing you suffer hurts me
‘Cause I feel the pain of thee
Why do you pick the wrong things?
Now I wander in the wings
I’ll always keep on waiting
Until your heart stops beating
She broke me beyond repair
But I simply just don’t care
Because she is my dearest
And she’ll always be the best
The darkest hour of the moon
And the moment came too soon
I saw her writhing in pain
And I wished I’d be slain
All things changed in a sudden
I was no longer broken
The deepest depths of her eyes
Made me stare and rise
Now she’s the one that holds me
And there’s no one else I se
She’s the answer to my prayers
And I am forever hers

Book 3- Bella
To this new life I awaken
Every part of me was strengthen
Then I saw your face with new eyes
I knew I was in paradise
I’ll start forever with you
And the rest I can live through
No one can take you from me
I’m as strong as they could be
There’s nothing else that could make me smile:
The sight of your face every once in a while
I’d be with you through thick and thin
That’s how deep I have for you within
I’d do everything to keep you
Safe and sound and away from blue
Death can never set us apart
We belong in each other’s heart
Everything’s exactly right
Gone all the pain, the hurts, the fright
It’s over all the moments of waiting
And now forever’s what we’re facing
Eternity stretches for us
And there’s no need for fuss
I have finally reached my goal
Now I’ve proven you have a soul

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