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Citate by Robert

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“If “words with friends” is considered a social network then yes. But I do not have any twitter nor facebook accounts. There are too many people pretending to be me. If you want to know me, you have to go to the cinema.”
-Robert Pattinson

“I think the people who lose their minds are the ones who’ve been fighting to attain fame for years and years. If and when they suddenly achieve it, they’re like, ‘yeah, I deserve everything I’ve got’. For me, I literally took a step in one direction, not knowing what I was doing at all. It just happened. So I can’t really claim anything.”
– Robert Pattinson

“Money, Money by Martin Amis. I read it when I was 15, I read it hundreds of times since then and it always makes me laugh. Amis has managed to create a world that is both funny and abrasive. I’d love to play John Self, the depraved hero, who’s without illusions, he created.” 
– Robert Pattinson (When asked what his favorite book was)

“Mistakes are the doors of discovery”, by James Joyce. A smiliar one: “A man can be destroyed but not defeated” by Ernest Hemingway. Both remind me that our biggest mistakes are the experiences we learn the most from. Hope to improving give everyone the desire to live the next day, doesn’t it?” 
-Robert Pattinson
“Without hesitation, the underwear: it’s really the only piece you need! That and sunglasses, which are an accessory that I love! At home, I am constantly in that outfit.” 
– Robert Pattinson (On the most essential garment)
“My top 5: Night Train by Oscar Peterson, One Love by Bob Marley & The Wailers, Moondance, Van Morrison, Abbey Road, Beatles, and Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), the Wu-Tang Clan. They all talk to me in their own way.”
– Robert Pattinson

“To tell you the truth I don’t understand at all, and wanting to watch the same edition over and over. It is very confusing, it’s like keep doing the test runs. I haven’t seen the final edition yet, but I hear a lot about each viewing, I want to see the final edition soon. I really wish that the movie will be out soon.” 
-Robert Pattinson (On Bel Ami) 

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